Norma Jean Pilates Opens New Studio in Sag Harbor

Norma Jean Pilates is back. They opened their new pilates studio in Sag Harbor on June 16.

The new home at 52 Main Street is a chic space that founder and director Hayley Thorpe hopes will be a haven for physical fitness, style, culture and creativity.

“NJP is about fitness in every facet of life,” Thorpe said. “Physical, mental, emotional and community fitness are all part of our program. Everyday we strive to be our very best, by inspiring others to be their very best.”

While they loved the sweet little space they had occupied for two years on Division Street, Thorpe wanted to be able to offer her clients more and decided it was time to upgrade their space.


Hayley Thorpe and NJP Marketing & Events Director, Lee Ann Bulgin

“It’s time to take the training wheels off,” Thorpe said.

Thorpe founded NJP in 2010 and named it after Norma Jean because she felt she represented a sweet, strong, intelligent and sexy woman and she wanted women to connect with their inner Norma Jean.

The new studio offers group, semi-private and private sessions in three beautifully designed rooms. One of the private rooms overlooks The American Hotel on Main Street, while the group room is the perfect place to catch the sunset. Classes are for all levels of fitness.

Get a peek at the studio during their invite only, email them, grand opening celebration on Saturday, June 21 from 6 to 8 p.m.


Instructor Chloe Gifkins in their previous studio at 51 Division Street