PHOTOS: Inside Roosevelt Field’s New Microsoft Retail Store

On Saturday morning the 98th Microsoft full retail store in the United States opened at Roosevelt Field Mall.

The 3,375 square-foot space is much what you would expect from a tech store.


Open with a minimalist design that makes it easy for customers to wander around looking at all the new gadgets, but Fazal Din, the store manager says what makes the store different is it’s associates.


“The associates will really bring the store to life,” Din said.


The store, which associates described as being pretty cool, was designed with customers in mind. There is a living room setup in one area with a giant screen for customers to play the latest Xbox games.


A theater room in another area will allow groups to come out for workshops and trainings.


A 3D printer that is also for sale, churns out different items.

And it’s not just Microsoft products that the store will sell but also other favorites such as GoPro Heros and Fitbits.


“It’s all about building relationships with customers,” Din said.