Red Zone July 2014

Parlay Gastropub
(516) 442-2600, Rockville Centre

Opened: 2014 | Beers: 65

Tagline: My favorite network is NBeerC.

What To Know: The former home of McFadden’s RVC, once a paradise for partyheads and shot-guzzlers, now fist-pumps to the sounds of craft—a 40-draft lineup featuring selections from Barrier, SingleCut, Troegs and Two Roads. Bell’s and Kona are also regularly flowing in the expansive, brick-walled space (outfitted with picnic tables, exposed pipes, light bulbs jingle-jangle-hanging from a skylight…) where beers are categorized by glassware. The endless number of televisions is a drag, though four solely display the menu behind a 40-foot bar. 

What To Drink: Parlay has added a crew of light and low-alcohol beers for July and August including Summer Ales from Long Ireland and Harpoon. My favorite is Founders’ All Day IPA, one of the bestest examples of a “session IPA.” This new sub-style offers the hop-dominant and flavorful profile of an IPA, but attached to a poundable alcohol-by-volume (ABV). All Day is only 4.7% ABV, nearly equivalent to Bud Light. If I consume three during a stint of imbibing, I can still expertly perform the electric slide.

Also: If you desire bolder, snag a hopped-up, satisfyingly bitter pour of Victory’s Storm King Stout. Its mega-hoppiness is an unorthodox characteristic for the forefront of a stout, but the sum is still delicious. 

The All Star
(631) 998-3565, Riverhead

Opened: 2012 | Beers: 45

Tagline: Strike! I deserve a beer.

What To Know: I’m an atrocious bowler, but my propensity for gutterballing is never a deterrent to visit The All Star, a 28-lane alley with 12 craft-injected drafts. This isn’t a seedy, greasy-snacked alley continuing to decay from yesteryear, permanently perfumed by the scents of cigarettes and feet. The 30,000-square-foot, factory-evoking space is handsomely assembled with crescent banquettes, wood tables and lane-to-lane projection screens. My favorite is the octagonal bar with selections from Crooked Ladder, Great South Bay and Spider Bite. It’s a homeru—strike! As of May, the dopeness has increased with Smitty’s All American Grill, an adjoining 3-level restaurant slinging wood-fired pizzas and 24 drafts—all available to fuel your pin-slaughtering.

What To Drink: The All Star pours a New York-focused lineup: Captain Lawrence’s Liquid Gold, a Belgian-style pale ale, and Sixpoint’s The Crisp, a snappy, refreshing pilsner.

Also: Smitty’s, while offering the aforementioned dozen from The All Star, is also populated by non-New York powerhouses. Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, for example, is deliciously expressive and aggressive, smacking the palate with pine, citrus, spice, caramel and toastiness.

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Best Beer Backyards
Fadeley’s Deli Pub: This picnic-tabled patio charmingly evokes suburbia. It’s bedecked with buoys, cinderblocks, tree stumps, barbecue paraphernalia and a snare drum. And it’s appropriately eclectic for the influential Grateful Dead-themed dive owned by Steve Haller, which once doubled as a delicatessen. Opened in 1972, Fadeley’s has consistently offered one of the best German-focused selections on Long Island.
(631) 758-8882, Patchogue

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