9 in art: Fulvio Massi

Fulvio Massi

There are different layers of temporalities. And time is an equalizer… that’s the fascinating part of doing this.

Sometimes everything is very easy. Sometimes I don’t like it and I paint over everything and restart… maybe then I sand some parts and something is popping out and then maybe I keep some elements. Then I start building on that thing that is emerging… They’re images that are layers in the brain. You said that this looks almost like a shark. But I did not plan to do this shark, I planned to do this part, which was a square.

There are two aspects of this. One is what I imagine, the other is what I am able to do…

It’s like when you dream something and you start to share this experience. The moment you’re telling the dream you feel completely inadequate because you cannot be precise with words. So you’re realizing that you’re changing the dream because there is no way you can describe what you felt. And I think, in a way, this is happening when I paint. Sometimes I have some imagery I would like to transfer, but in the moment my tools are not up to that feeling. So there is a mediation of the contingency—of what I am capable of doing, or capable to express. And sometimes the result is better than the thought, which is kind of interesting because it makes you discover some aspects of this process you were unable to think. You can see them as a result of a mistake you are making.

This is a beautiful thing if you see it. You’re shaping yourself, which is a very healthy way of approaching life.

I am a spectator. If something happens, I don’t control much but I recognize the value and I recognize what’s happening and I take it from there.

Fulvio Massi will be showing at the 47th annual Artists of the Springs Invitational at Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, July 30-Aug 17. fulviomassi.com

photo by matt furman

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