meet me in the twilight by the seaside

*i will bring you starlight by the barrow
i will bring you roses by the score…
meet me in the twilight by the seaside
meet me underneath the willow’s fall…

each year when i work on our 9 in art feature, i find a commonality running through the artistic principles of the people i’m interviewing. they don’t usually know each other or have any professional connection, but it happens. this year there was a lot of discussion about spontaneity. it’s nothing new for artists to talk about working intuitively, the whole point of what they’re doing is an exploration. but it took on a different tone this time and it got me thinking about pulse and the similarity of what we do here. it makes it all the more fitting that our annual “art & music” issue is also our anniversary edition.

the mission of pulse is to celebrate long island’s robust offerings of arts, culture, music, entertainment and lifestyles. our region really has an embarrassment of riches both in the people behind these offerings and what they produce.

in this issue, our arts coverage includes a look at pop art’s connection to the east end with marjorie strider at lawrence fine art and roy lichtenstein at the parrish. on the western side of our sandbar, we delve into the connection between the early days of marvel comics and long island. the hulk, x-men, the avengers (and many other comic book heroes) hail from long island—well, at least their creators did. and then there’s my 9 in art series. our franchise has become an art lover’s guide to emerging artists throughout nassau and suffolk counties and this year’s list is no different.

on the music side, we caught up with jack bruce. it’s been a few years since his days with eric clapton and cream, but bruce remains prolific, touring with a multitude of bands and recently releasing his first studio album in 10 years. locally, we caught up with a stringer, a strummer and a drummer: jim d’addario, blow up hollywood and dom famularo. d’addario’s family has been providing the music industry with strings since they started out on long island in 1905. blow up hollywood, led by guitarist steve messina, first appeared on our pages in 2011 and we caught up with him now that the band has been touring the country and, well, blowing up. and drummer dom famularo, who contributes to the illustrious “long island drumming tree” as the beat behind some of the greatest music acts of the last half century, told us about his hugging the cat technique.

we also included a few options for filling out the leisure hours. cigars lounges, like matador in roslyn and polanco in port jefferson, are part of the mix. the great south bay cross bay swim is too. stories on high weekends in the hamptons, the hampton classic and the artists & writers softball game cover the east end social circuit. and our summer reading list and theater roundup are good references when a little quiet time is in order.

it’s been an exciting nine years of publishing this magazine, and this issue typifies why long island makes it possible for us to stay so busy.

*i’m all black and white like empty paper
waiting for you to color me in,


*ray lamontagne, “there’s no other way”

photo by lynn spinnato

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.