Motion Ocean Tunes Their Music to Smiles

With their mix of happy, fun, ukulele beats, Motion Ocean is the perfect band to listen to this summer whether you’re on the beach or simply wishing you were there. Andrew Pinzon began playing the ukulele in 2010 and formed Motion Ocean in 2012 with his brother Nick and friends Stephanie Tollino, Anthony Arma and Kevin Itwaru who joined the band in 2013. We caught up with them in between work on their new EP “Drift Away.”

Pulse Insider: How did you get your start in music?
Motion Ocean:
My dad was a drummer, so ever since I can remember I’ve been playing the drums. In 2010 a ukulele fell from the sky and into my arms. We fell in love instantly and I began writing songs and singing. In 2012, I got my little brother Nick to drum along, my friend Stephanie to sing with me, and my buddy Anthony to slap the bass, thus Motion Ocean was born. We’ve been constantly writing and performing since then. Kevin joined on keys/accordion/trumpet in 2013, and we’ve only been coming up with better songs with our eclectic little group of fun instruments.

Pulse Insider: Who/what are your greatest musical influences?
Motion Ocean:
Michael Franti has had a positive influence on me and it shows in our songs. Other influences include Phish, Dave Grohl, Jake Shimabukuro, Aldrine Guererro, James Hill, and videogame music.

Pulse Insider: How would you describe your music to someone you just met?
Motion Ocean
: Traditionally the ukulele is tuned to the key of smiles, so imagine that mixed with a vial of pure love. Our songs are happy, fun, easy to listen to and fun to dance to.

Pulse Insider: What’s in store for Motion Ocean in the next three months?
Motion Ocean: We are in the process of recording an EP titled “Drift Away.” We’re doing it ourselves so it’s been taking longer than expected, but we swear we’re almost done! Be on the look out for it this summer.

Pulse Insider: Give us your 5-word pitch to a record label.
Motion Ocean:
Ukulele music generates infinite fortune.

Pulse Insider: Tell us your hometown, where you live now and whatever biographical details you’d like to share.
Motion Ocean:
The sound of the ukulele incites limitless joy, and I feel we capture that pretty well. Seriously, we love making fun happy music and even more than that we love sharing it with people. We’re very lucky to be part of a great community of local musicians here on Long Island and we’d love for anyone and everyone to come out to a show and be a part of the good vibe. We have a few shows lined up for this summer, be sure to check our website for upcoming shows!

Check out Motion Ocean online, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter and listen to a few clips below.