Strawberries, Corn and More at Long Island Farmers Markets


Mmm…can you smell that? It’s the smell of cilantro, arugula and even corn on the cob. Harvest season is slowly kicking into high gear and Long Island farmers markets and farm stands are filling up with fresh, local produce making it easy to serve a Fourth of July meal made entirely of local food.

Natasha Beccaria of the Long Island Farm Bureau gave us the scoop on what to expect at the markets and stands, what’s going on at local farms and what produce you should stock up on before it’s gone.

Corn will be here this weekend. Image: Natasha Beccaria.

Corn is here! Corn is appearing just in time for the Fourth of July. Beccaria said the weather has been good so far this year for the summertime favorite.

“Corn prefers dry, hot weather to grow,” Beccaria said.

Snap peas at Andrews Farm. Image: Natasha Beccaria.

Fresh leafy greens, such as spinach, lettuce, and arugula are available as well as radishes, rhubarb, snap peas, chives, fresh picked dill, cilantro and much more.

And if you didn’t have time to plant your pots many farm stands have beautiful selections of flowers and plants perfect for dressing up your backyard for the barbecue.

Flowerpots from Andrews Farm. Image: Natasha Beccaria.

But don’t wait to get your strawberries. The season for strawberries is in full swing and you want to make sure you get them before the season ends. There are plenty of places to pick your own as well.

Out on the farms nursery yards are busy. Sod farms are harvesting by placing the sod on pallets for them to cool down to their ideal temperature for successful transport.

Tomatoes. Image: Natasha Beccaria.

And pumpkin farms are planting their pumpkin fields to be ready for the fall.

Pumpkins at Hank’s. Image: Natasha Beccaria.

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