Summer Hair Care: Tips From The Staff of The Rita Hazan Salon.

This summer season the staff of the celebrity favored Rita Hazan Salon will be temporarily setting up shop and offering limited appointments at Bianka Leffert’s 27 Hampton Salon in Southampton, New York. Stylist Kim Gueldner and Colorist Nicole Tresch will each be available for appointments on the select days of July 21st and August 18th. Both have warranted a reputation for perfecting the manes of Manhattan and Hollywood’s elite some of whom have included Faith Hill, Lala Anthony and Lily Allen. Gueldner and Tresch are sharing their seasoned tips and favored products for obtaining the ideal summer tresses for a Hampton Style Trend Forecast.

Rita Hazan Salon Stylist, Kim Gueldner shares that many of her clients often ask as to how they may achieve a summer look that is both effortless and stylish, while varying from the daily routine styles of a slicked ponytail or messy bun. Additional clients have also requested a chic solution that will allow one to pull back their growing bangs during the summer’s rising temperatures. Gueldner’s professional recommendation for solving both of these typical requests while staying on trend can be often solved with a simple bohemian braid or a modernized twist. The twist is a preferred option for shorter length candidates or for those who prefer an infallible quicker style. Below, Stylist Kim Gueldner shares her step-by-step process for achieving the modernized twist for the summer season.


Gueldner’s How-To Steps For Perfecting The Modernized Summer Twist

1. Start by parting the hair to whichever side you prefer, tease the hair a bit on top, and put a little hairspray to keep it in place and to give it some texture. I like Shu Uemura hairspray and Texture Powder.

2. Grab a fairly big section at the top and twist away from the face.

3. Add another section, as if you were doing a French braid, and keep twisting. You can do the entire head as seen in the first two pictures above, or twist just your bangs and secure with bobby pins.

4. To add a beach wave, you can scrunch while applying Redken’s Nature Rescue Sea Salt Spray and let the hair air-dry.

5. If there are some pieces that are frizzy, you can always wrap them around a curling iron to make the wave more finished.


Rita Hazan Salon Colorist, Nicole Tresch states the color trend this summer is to “Keep It Natural.” One way in which her clients can achieve this trend while adjusting for the season, is to lighten the hair by adding highlights that accent one’s base color, instead of mimicking it. For achieving a more natural appearance of applied highlights, Tresch recommends a transitional highlight that brightens towards the follicle’s end while maintaining contrast at the root for a sun-kissed look. For those of her clients who are looking to adjust their color temporarily during the busy traveling season, she recommends the Rita Hazan Root Concealer to cover any grey strands in-between appointments. The product is easy to use and can be washed out during one’s normal shower routine. An additional seasonal color request is correcting color brassiness as result of spending time in the sun or from the effects of swimming in saltwater or a chlorinated pool. Colorist Tresch will combat this client concern with the use of the Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Color Gloss in Blonde in an effort to brighten highlights while The Breaking Brass Gloss helps to reduce unwanted yellow and orange tones, as a result, from hair oxidization.

For more information on updating your tresses this summer season, visit Rita Hazan Salon Stylist Kim Gueldner and Colorist Nicole Tresch on July 21st and August 18th at 27 Hampton Salon.