Fast Friday Tech Roundup

Fast Friday Tech Roundup by Socially Exceptional

Each week we scour the digital world looking for the hottest gadgets, trending topics, new apps and more! We pass it on to you in easy to read bite-size morsels…after that you are on your own to surf at will!

Very Sneaky
If you like to watch videos on Facebook then get ready for even more! Facebook has decided to monitor users who consume video on a regular basis and start serving up more video choices for you in your news feeds. Facebook hopes you’ll keep watching—long enough—so they can serve up “un-skip-able” advertising to you from their partners.

Amazon’s on Fire
With the release of Fire TV and the new Fire Smart Phone and rumors of Amazon starting their own fleet of delivery trucks, one can only imagine Amazon’s new slogan as, “Your order in 30 minutes or less…guaranteed!”

You Cannot Be SIRIus
Always feel misunderstood while asking SIRI for directions or a recipe? Well, worry no more. Apple is updating their voice recognition technology to interpret the human voice even more directly. Now if only your kids could do the same.

It’s Always Dark before Dawn
Get ready with those clever hashtags as the new Planet of the Apes film, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is released this weekend. Try these on for size… #apesrule #kingcaeser #apetacular

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