Unpredictable Beauty

Have you ever had fun playing with crazy colors that you would never wear and then when you tried it, you loved it? If you haven’t don’t judge! Makeup should be fun and help you learn something new about yourself. How do I know? I see it every day as a makeup artist when I get women to come out of their comfort zones. You’ll always catch me making a women sexier, guilty. Turn it up the heat by using attitude enhancing tones.

Purple Pout

A lack of oxygen is the primary reason for purple lips and that’s not pretty or fun. Yet, an intentional purple kisser, using a manmade more “life like” hue, can turn up the drama and add a sexy distinct and new style to your persona portfolio. Purple tones vary from lilac to deep berry and everyone can find their perfect color.

Tip: The most efficient method to choose a lip color is to give it a try because lips colors are personal. If you are instantly obsessed, wear it. If you are not, move on. That goes for any lip color.

Try it:

GlamorousChicks “High Class” Lightweight Lipstick

http://glamorouschickscosmetics.com $14.99

Orange Apples

Orange blush may have you thinking crazy cat lady. Do not discriminate a bright and different choice for cheeks. Just a dusting will give you a new look. If you’re cool in tone it will warm you up. For women of color it provides the pop enhancement you want but so hard to find, it will not disappear or disappoint.

Side Story: I met a makeup artist while shopping in Manhattan, she purchased this color and uses it religiously. We got into a conversation and it turns out she was in town from the UK working nearby on a movie set in SOHO and the star of the film had deep ebony skin. She never divulged her identity unfortunately.

Try it:

NARS “Exhibit A” Cult Classic Blush

www.narscosmetics.com $30

Remember one thing when it comes to makeup. You wear it, the makeup does not wear you. I know for a fact that cosmetics are habitual and habits are hard to break. That will never stop me attempting to change your cosmetic behaviors you have become so accustomed to. Once in a while I get one so I continue to show women how to come out of the box discover the inner sexy. Give a wild color a go and always have fun while exploring new looks.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.