Singer-Songwriter Jen Chapin Ready for a Bit of Adventure


“I’m not sure what to expect. It’s going to be a little bit of an adventure for us,” Jen Chapin said with a bit of excitement in her voice.

It’s late June and we’re talking about her upcoming performance at Soul Sounds Records. The singer-songwriter with her husband Stephan Crump on acoustic bass and Jamie Fox on guitar will be giving a free concert at the Sayville shop on July 26.

“It’s not a conventional stage,” Chapin says. “You’re not sitting in a bar, but it’s going to be a real concert.”

Owner of Soul Records Suzanne Filan frequently has artists come and perform in the shop, which specializes in used and new vinyl. The performances have begun to attract a regular crowd of people.

Chapin is clearly looking forward to the performance especially since she produced her new album “Reckoning” on vinyl.

“Vinyl is a small but growing movement honoring the sonic beauty of tactile appeal,” Chapin said.

Her and her husband built up their own a vinyl collection starting with Crump’s grandparents’ collection. Chapin wanted to do an album for fans even designing the cover with the size of vinyl in mind. When she learned about Sayville store and with Soul Sounds carrying the album is seemed like the perfect place to hold a free concert.

“I’m always excited about small businesses and opportunities to connect with a new community,” Chapin said.

Jen Chapin with her husband Stephan Crump and children, Maceo and Van. Image: Nathan James Leatherman

She’s planning a fresh set list for the performance with numbers from her new album “Reckoning”, and Chapin says to expect more rockish numbers.

The performance is one of two Chapin was planning for July, the first took place on July 2 in downtown Manhattan near the Staten Island Ferry and then come August she will be on the road touring for a few weeks. After that is all up in the air.

“You know doing the album, the new songs, getting everything together, I was just recently like ‘oh ok well what’s next,’ I can either book more gigs or write and I really want to try to do both.” Chapin said.

In the meantime she’s looking forward to a bit of vacation time, which she says will involve hustling her kids to and from camp.

“Then in the spring we’re trying to get a European tour all set.”

Show Details
Jen Chapin concert
Saturday, July 26, 2014 8:30 p.m.
Soul Sounds Records
291 W. Main St.,
Sayville, NY 11782
(631) 750-5228