Top 4 Most Useful Apps for Your Smart Phone

Everyone has their own popular app list. Yes, there’s Facebook, Gmail, YouTube and Instagram. But remember this piece is titled “Most Useful” apps for your Smart Phone. Let’s see if you agree.

Heavy Tipper
We’ve all been there. You’re out to dinner with a group of friends. There was great food, good drinks, desert, coffee and then… the moment of truth… the check.

Of course, big shot Jimmy says, “I’ll get that.” Tony responds, “Come on, you picked it up last time.” Your wife shoots you a glance from across the table so you say, “Wait, I got this.” Everyone smiles and continues talking.

You whip out your smart phone, open your “TipNSplit” app and get started. You enter the total bill amount, toggle through the gratuity percentage field (go ahead, give 20%) and now the best part…You split it by 3! The girls get up and head to the rest room and you proclaim, “OK gentlemen, that’ll be 83.00 each.”

The girls come back, the waiter picks up the check and you’re out of there! No fussing or fighting at the table. Because you’re smart! Or was it your phone?

Pick up the “Tip and Split” app here.

I’m Walking
You’ve been behind your desk for hours! Your back is stiff, your legs are asleep and you wish it was time to go home. But just as you’re ready to cash in your chips you remember, that you have the “Pedometer” app on your phone!

You eat a sensible lunch and still have 30 minutes to kill. You lace up your sneakers, grab your headphones, switch on the app and you’re off! The Pedometer app tracks the steps you take, the time you spend walking, the distance you’ve walked and most importantly… the calories you’ve burned! Boy that feels good.

Before you know it you’re back at your desk and ready to take-on the rest of the day. Hey, who knows you may even get noticed by the boss for having that extra spring in your step after lunch. Grab the app here.

I Saw the Light
It’s 2:00am, everyone is sound asleep and… nature calls. Turning on the lights is out of the question. Walking around in the dark and risking a minor toe injury is very possible. But then you remember you downloaded the newest “Flashlight” app for your smart phone. You quietly reach for your phone, switch on the flashlight app and see your way clearly and safely to the bathroom. Once your business is done, you head back to bed–your Flashlight app leading the way–you snuggle back under the sheets. A sigh of relief leaves your body, a smile grows on your face as you discover that no one was disturbed-not even the pooch. You’re so glad you had the app…, oh, and that trip to the bathroom.

Download your own “Flashlight” app here. Hurry!

Lost in the Supermarket?
Ever walk in to the grocery store and say to yourself, “Now, what did I come in here for?”

Well those days are over with a really neat app for your phone called “Out Of Milk”.

This is not your run of the mill list-maker app. Out Of Milk categorizes your list just like a supermarket would. Pantry items, dairy, spices, essentials, etc. And it’s so easy to use. You can type in your items to the search bar, scan the item from your pantry and save it to your list, or just speak into your phone and create the list that way. Add quantity, price and more! Also, you can enter your zip code for location based pricing and sales.

And the most unique feature… let’s say you are at the store and your kids finish the last of the peanut butter. No problem. If your list is synced with the other members of your family once they update their list it automatically appears on yours! Now there’s no excuse to forget the milk (or, um… the peanut butter) with Out Of Milk. Put this one in your cart here.

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