“Reel Sharpe” by Jenna Baker

With the summer in full swing, Jenna Baker’s new novel “Reel Sharpe,” is the perfect book to stick into a beach bag.

The Long Island native is currently living in Ronkonkoma with her husband and two kids but it was living in California that inspired her to write “Reel Sharpe.”

After graduating from New York University where she studied film and television, she moved out west to California. During her stay in California, “Survivor” began premiering on TV and her a passion for reality television began.

She got her first job as an assistant to a producer and her career grew from there to associate producer to segment producer. She produced shows, including two seasons of “The Swan,” “Paradise Hotel”, “Race to the Altar,” “Married By America,” “The Complex,” “Surprise Wedding.” as well as, a few of pilots.

For Baker, working 24/7 while living someone else’s life caught up with her and she decided to move back home to pursue her love of writing and ended up starting a family of her own.

This year, Baker came out with the first book in what will be the Reel series, Reel Sharpe.

The inspiration behind the book is her own experience.

“The book is a comedic detective story which are the stories that I love to read. I took all of my experience from reality TV and gave it flavor. I wanted to tell my story because I found that people were interested in my stories so I wanted to share it with the fictional world and add humor to it,” said Baker.

“Reel Sharpe” follows the story of television producer Victoria Sharpe who teams up with two detectives to create real-life detective series called Murder Live!. Her unorthodox style gets her in a bit of trouble especially when she decides to go undercover to try to solve a case on her own.

Baker already has the next two books in the series mapped out and in addition to writing, Baker currently works as a meeting planner for a pharmaceutical company, which she said isn’t too far off from what she did before as a reality TV producer.

For Baker, the most rewarding part of writing the book has been having people she doesn’t know say they like it.

samantha wieder

Samantha Wieder is a 2014 summer intern at Long Island Pulse. She is a junior at Binghamton University. Follow her on Twitter at @samashwieder.