Fast Friday Tech Roundup: Aug. 22

Each week we scour the digital world looking for the hottest gadgets, trending topics, new apps and more! We pass it on to you in easy to read bite-size morsels…after that you are on your own to surf at will!


Taking Selfies to the Next Level!
Introducing the Selfie Ring! This clever gadget attaches to your phone with a simple adhesive and provides you with two small rings to slide your fingers through and voila…perfect selfies every time–without the fear of dropping your phone into the river, or worse, from the top of a building in Manhattan! And for even more fun, take a look at the Selfie Stick! Looking for a place to put all those pictures? Try the Shelf-ie!


Helmet Head
The Motorcycle helmet of the future is here and it’s called Skully! Not only will this helmet protect your head, it’ll make you smarter…well, sort of! The Skully boasts a rear-view camera and also displays your speed, fuel level, even caller ID…all within the driver’s in-helmet/visor display panel. Plus there’s Bluetooth capability, GPS services, even internet access. Easy Rider Indeed!


My Internet is faster than Your Internet
Sitting by your Laptop or Smart TV waiting for screens to load? Don’t be frustrated…know this! Someone always has it worse than you…and here’s a handy map to prove it! While New York and California have considerably faster Internet speeds than a lot of states, we do not hold the speediest spot on the charts! Number one on the list may surprise you.


Out of this Galaxy
We spoke last week about the arrival of the new iPhone 6 (Coming September 9th). Well, not to be outdone Samsung announces their new phone the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. The phone ditches the plastic outer casing that its predecessors relied on, for a new metal exterior edge. Besides that there doesn’t seem to be any new outstanding features…well, except keeping pace with the folks at Apple of course.

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