Men’s Style – Justin Haynes

Justin Haynes
Audi Lynbrook, General Manager


Hickey Freeman silk cashmere blend sportcoat
Robert Graham Torino tailored shirt
Santorelli French wool slacks
Ike Behar mini polka dot bowtie
Saks Fifth Avenue Collection silk polka-dot print pocket square

Haynes has always been a car guy—he moved to Long Island seven years ago to take a step in his career that would lead to his current post. He likes that Audis feature both beauty and brawn. “Get anywhere anytime without any fear—they handle the winters well. And they’re definitely at the forefront of style, the front of the vehicle, the lights, the lines of the car, everything.”

Haynes has always wanted to work in the automotive industry and it’s not just the product. He loves working with people. “You meet all walks of life, you can never judge… you never know who you’re going to meet.” He points to this deep interaction with a wide swath of customers as part of what drives him.


Robert Graham Salisbury sportshirt
Michael Kors battleship linen pants
Block Headwear woven fedora
Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Tyler cognac lace-ups

When he’s not working, the expectant dad loves trying Long Island’s restaurants—the lifestyle is all part of the same ball of wax, which he learned from Grandpa Haynes, his style guru. “He was just the man, how he dressed…he’s the first person I saw wear cufflinks. He always had his initials on his custom shirts, wore custom suits… no matter where he was going, even a lunch, he was dressed to the nines.”


Vince cotton t-shirt, cotton button up and leather hoodie
Hudson Byron dark wash jeans
Salvatore Ferragamo suede calfskin loafers

Haynes honors his lineage sartorially and also by making a positive difference in his community through philanthropic activities and donations, both in his personal life and through his dealership.

Haynes’ wardrobe provided by Saks Fifth Avenue, Walt Whitman Shops


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