Men’s Style – Rich Barrabi

Rich Barrabi
News12 Long Island, General Assignment Reporter


Armani Collezioni Georgio Model suit
Saks Fifth Avenue Collection gray print tailored shirt
ISAIA wool plaid tie
Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Taber oxblood lace-ups

News guys are typically thought of as being larger than life, superhero types taking down “the man.” Although Rich Barrabi might be doing some of this when he’s covering everything from politics to speed cameras, he considers himself a low-key family guy. “I’m the meat and potatoes guy…if you look at me and another reporter, we might be totally different… in television, that works well, you gotta have that mix.”


Armani Collezioni navy box plaid jacket
Sand diamond print cotton sportshirt
Santorelli coffee wool slacks
ISAIA wool neat dot tie
Saks Fifth Avenue Collection Tyler cognac lace-ups

Barrabi was at News12 Bronx for a year before this past one, when he came to his hometown shop, News12 Long Island. The East Meadow resident is used to being in front of the camera, but this is his first foray as an on-camera style guy. The big difference between broadcast and print? Everything. What’s similar? “You shine a light on things and get people talking.”

And that’s the thing of it: The story. Getting behind what a subject is trying to show and drilling down to the vitals. When the new father isn’t peeking behind the curtain, he’s changing diapers and feeding his son. “Before that—and some time soon again—I’m golfing and spending time with my wife. I’m similar to our viewers…going to the beach and spending time with family.”


Armani Collezioni 3D mesh
Guru jacket
Sand red and blue print sportshirt
AG Adriano Goldschmeid Protégé straight-leg jeans
Salvatore Ferragamo suede calfskin loafers


Barrabi’s wardrobe provided by Saks Fifth Avenue, Walt Whitman Shops

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