Men’s Style – Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelli
LI GLBT Services Network, Chief Operating Officer



Serica cotton grey tailored shirt
International Laundry charcoal grey stretch cotton jeans
Ted Baker wool suit jacket with velvet collar
Shoes Robert’s own

Long Island would not be a great place to live if it weren’t for nonprofits bettering our quality of life. Robert Vitelli is doing his part by advocating for equality, fighting to end homophobia and developing leadership programs. “One of the reasons I love my job is I’m having a major impact. When I started here 13 years ago, it was a staff of 3. Now we’re 26.”

As COO Vitelli works on fundraising and financing—a suit for meeting with funders, a pair of jeans and updated western boots when he’s in the thick of grant writing.

Vitelli sees it as a good thing that men are ramping up their style quotient. “Ten or fifteen years ago a professional man could get away with an older shoe. But now, if you’re of a certain age, you’re expected to dress in a more contemporary way.”


Beltrami wool and cashmere blend black suit
ViV cotton striped tailored shirt
Serica silk paisley embossed tie

He is a Long Islander through and through. “What I love most about Long Island is the energy… strong, robust, focused energy… that is different from being a New York City person or being from somewhere else.” He brings that energy to the human services programs at his organization and in working in his own community.

Vitelli’s wardrobe provided by Beltrami, Huntington, (631) 421-0117

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

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