Men’s Style – Steve Katz

Steve Katz
Marsh, Client Developmen


Canali blue and brown plaid suit
Boss Hugo Boss sharp fit white tailored shirt
Bruno Magli Maioco leather oxford

Steve handles middle market and larger scale clients, trying to improve their insurance programs and risk management. “Is insurance sexy? Yow! Insurance can be exciting… Trying to land on a certain premium number, it’s winning and losing… Anybody can do insurance, it’s the exposures that are risky and scare a lot of brokers.” For this style guy, it’s the more complicated risks—the ones with a little hair on them—that drive him.

In Steve’s world, there are only 3-5 successes per year. That means he’s got to keep everyone juiced—and always look the part. It takes mind reading, quarterbacking and a lot of glad-handing. And of course, “first impressions are everything… If you’re not early, you’re late.”


Burberry Brit purple cotton polo, pebble plaid button up and black quilted jacket
Joe’s Jeans Brixton grey denim
Salvatore Ferragamo suede high-top sneakers

On his own time, he plays tennis with his wife, basketball with the guys and does CrossFit. His 11- and 14-year-old daughters keep him on his toes, and help keep him modest. “In sales, you have to be humble. Confidence with humility. Cocky and arrogance isn’t going to win someone’s business… ‘Integrity in sales’ is not an oxymoron.”

Katz’s wardrobe provided by Bloomingdale’s, Walt Whitman Shops

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