you just know it when you see it

*no one ever found it
ain’t no school ever taught it
no one ever made it
ain’t no one ever bought it…
ain’t no one can steal it
ain’t no one can fake it
you just know it when you feel it…

september already? it seems summer never came and yet here we are, almost fall. the good news is that although the days are getting shorter, this month and those following boast their own special events and ways of celebrating life on long island. and of course, september brings with it the return of our annual style issue.

it’s no secret long islanders love fashion—visit any boutique or retail gallery and the parking lots are usually full. some of the world’s most recognized designers hail from our shores. and local purveyors of the finest accessories and furnishings continue to evolve, defy trends and inspire our individual creativity. to honor this lineage, we compiled stories to keep readers on trend. men of style and substance are in rich supply here. for this segment, we brought together a group of guys—like news12 long island’s rich barrabi and robert vitelli of the nonprofit li glbt network—to cast a light on what men will be wearing this season. the guys also shared their insights on how outward style is really an articulation of inner personality; that in fact, style and substance go hand in hand.

sole aim focuses on every woman’s favorite fashion accessory: shoes. this season’s looks take a more accessible approach to jive with the more understated looks coming forward. fall fresh is a highlight of this season’s fashion for women. it’s the familiar play of earthy neutrals and jewel tones that are often seen this time of year, but the textures and styling bring a lightness that is anything but dreary. retail therapy, stuff men want and hot commodities are the market pages capturing accessories—like wood eyeglasses and timepieces for men, or an exceptional vintage duster for ladies—and our fundamental white dress shirt is an ode to this indefatigable staple.

it’s also a good month to catch the last bit of summer. one positive aspect of the climate (it is technically hurricane season), is that winds pick up, making our area perfect for kiteboarding. our riding the wind is a primer on this burgeoning sport. we’ve all noticed the increased number of large-scale kites dotting beach horizons and now the curious can take more than fashion cues from nicole miller—the designer has been carving waves and catching air for months now. for the more low-key, our weekend getaways returns to profile three culturally rich excursions just a few hours away. each offers a unique take on exquisite amenities, interesting activities and quiet downtime.

this issue tells us there’s still plenty of summer left. consider this your guide to finding it.

*you just know it when you see it,
baby, you’ve got it


*you’ve got it, lyrics by bruce springsteen

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.