Isles Unveil Coliseum Logo

The New York Islanders officially unveiled the logo they’ll use to commemorate the final season at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The team has not released specific plans about the logo, but you can expect this to be a shoulder patch on home jerseys, possibly etched on the ice, and, of course, available on items in the team store.

The logo depicts the Coliseum with four Stanley Cups. It says, “Tradition on Ice” above the building and hardware.


Perhaps the weakest part of the logo is the banner at the bottom that says, “43 years of history.” Forty-three is such an unattractive number. It may have been more useful to put “1972-2015” at the bottom. Either way, it’s a logo depicting a funeral for a building that has certainly seen its better days.

The real thing to keep an eye on is just how much the organization uses the logo.

Will they offer a full store worth of items? Pucks, hats, jackets, patches, shirts? Will they make special signage for around the Coliseum with it? The season begins in less than two months, so we’ll see soon enough.

chris vaccaro

Chris R. Vaccaro is a journalist, author and professor from Long Island. Vaccaro, who serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Topps Company's digital division, is an adjunct journalism professor at Hofstra University, the President of the Press Club of Long Island and has written five books about Long Island sports history.