Fast Friday Tech Roundup: Aug. 29

Each week we scour the digital world looking for the hottest gadgets, trending topics, new apps and more! We pass it on to you in easy to read bite-size morsels…after that you are on your own to surf at will!


Hard to Say, Easy To See
Sharp is poised to deliver their new Aquos Crystal Smartphone. Unique edge-to-edge display provides the ultimate visual experience that techies have been yearning for. The phone won’t knock the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy from shelves this fall but this phone has a few hidden gems that even the most critical users will find intriguing. Worth a look when it comes to the U.S. on the Sprint network. (Release date to be announced)


Hyperlapse is Hyper Cool!
Who would’ve thought it would take a photo sharing app developer to create the most amazing video creation tool for your smartphone…Instagram has done just that!
Hyperlapse, a stand-alone video app, produces video content so smooth and slick-the final product appears to have been shot with expensive camera equipment. Simple user features and easy to share files on Instagram and Facebook make this app a must have!

Gone to the Dogs
Ever wonder what a dog really sees from that low to the ground? Well wonder no more! GoPro has just “unleashed” the new Fetch Dog Harness specifically designed to attach your GoPro camera to your dog’s back or chest. Made from flexible, washable material, it’s both comfortable for them and awesome for you. Let the games begin!


You Got Schooled
No Tech Round-Up would be complete without a techie’s guide to wearable Back-To-School Gear! From smartwatches to fitness bands this year’s biggest trend will be searching for answers to that pop-quiz or checking your heart rate without the need to pull that pesky smartphone from your backpack. Teachers are writing those memos to parents as we speak.

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