Kiss Naked or Decked Out

The lips take center stage this season, and color choices are not so personal. Everyone is going with the same two tones; nude and crimson. You have only one thing to consider – blend in with a nude, or feature the lips in all their puckering glory.

So what comes first – the fashion or the beauty? The answer is fashion, of course. Usually makeup and hair trends generate when designers request certain looks from makeup stylists to complement the collections. If you had a moment to take in this season’s style lineup for your favorite designer you may know the focus is structure and flair in any choice of fashion fabric. Ruffles, vinyl, busy geometric prints, and radiant materials are the makeup no matter if it’s black and white or floral prints. Yes, you will see floral this season with a more seasonal color palette. With that in mind, the designers request and approve face charts that will truly highlight their work.

Designs are chic, so a more sophisticated look works. Think images of beauties with clean faces, the classic movie star adorning the perfectly lined naked or scarlet lip. Two glamour girls who come to mind are Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansen. Everyone can wear three lip shades no matter the skin tone, and those are red, nude, and a violet. Believe it or not, the most adaptable and non-discriminatory color is the lighter shade of purple. Still, I do not see women running to buy this shade. I understand it is a blind leap for many, but one I highly recommend. If you feel this look is for you follow some tips and tricks.

How to pull off the beauty trends for fall:


• No Fuss Eyes: Keep it natural with light and neutral shades. Get the definition from the mascara and liner.
• Gentle Cheeks: Forego the blush, and bronze up the cheeks for a contoured yet still soft skin-like look.
• Lips: Choose a nude that mimics barely there or the opposite; a color that creates a high contrast to your own skin tone. Red and red-browns work best. Purples will look great but requires attitude so they are not for everyone.


• Slick Hair: High pony tails, tight braids, and parts are hot. Again, a clean but sexy look works best when the outfit grabs all the attention, think the complete opposite of pageant or prom hair.
• Who: This look works best on women who look 40 or under. I say look younger because no one looks their true age anymore, 10 to 20 years younger. Someone please share with me this hidden location of this fountain of youth and beauty.

I consulted hair stylist Thomas Murray of Borte Salon in East Northport on how to achieve hair trends that involve pulled back tight pony tails and braids to go with the makeup style.

“For a high pony tail, follow cheekbones up to the crown and secure. It’s that simple. The sock bun is another great style to wear this season. Think Robert Palmer and his music video,“Addicted to Love.”

Hot this season:

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Makeup lines have not held back this season, and in my opinion, given us some of their best products. Finding the right colors for you will not be a challenge. Have fun with these looks, and try them on for size always keeping in mind your own comfort levels.

matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

Matthew Ambrosio is a considered a beauty connoisseur on many levels. As a designer and image expert he presents a fresh and realistic attitude towards personal aesthetics and style for men and women.