SoHo Comes to Farmingdale

In an unassuming building off of Milbar Boulevard, Cambridge Art & Framing quietly opened this past July. Inside, the space is raw, open and covered in artwork.

“I want it to have that industrial, raw feeling,” owner John Saljooki said. “To bring the feel of SoHo and the city here.”


Saljooki’s passion is modern pop art and the gallery will present a new exhibit about once a month. But while the sister gallery, Saljooki’s father-in-law owns in Manhattan focuses on higher priced artwork, Cambridge Art & Farming focuses more on the mid-range artwork and up and will also try to feature local artists.

Already the gallery has presented two exhibits and is working on its third while finishing up the space they’ve taken over at 39 Milbar Boulevard in Farmingdale. Saljookiis in the process of getting permission from the town to have a street artist paint the outside of the building and is finishing up the back of the gallery where art classes are planned to take place. The shop also does custom gallery-level framing of anything from that modern pop art in the gallery to televisions.


“It’s been pretty successful, and we’re looking to keep growing, have more events,” Saljooki said.