Fast Friday Tech Roundup – Friday Sept. 19

Each week we scour the digital world looking for the hottest gadgets, trending topics, new apps and more! We pass it on to you in easy to read bite-size morsels…after that you are on your own to surf at will!


Amazon’s Fire Sale!
No, Amazon warehouses have not burned down. It’s just that their new FirePhone, despite all the hype and cute television campaign, is not flying off the shelves as they had hoped. So, if you’re Jeff Bezos what do you do? You have a fire sale…Literally! Now, for just 99 cents you can have the new FirePhone, with the coveted Prime Membership as well as other bells and whistles Amazon will throw in. Get more details here.


Don’t travel without your Mate
If you travel a lot, or you are constantly on the road working and can’t live without your phone, laptop, or Wi-Fi…have we got a device for you! The TripMate Elite is more than a portable battery pack and battery level checker. It has 2 USB ports, Internet and LAN indicators, there’s an Ethernet port which also acts as a wireless router. The unit also acts as your own personal cloud device for transferring and sharing files between devices, with a built-in two-prong power adaptor for easy plug-ability. Now, if it could only make rental-car reservations…then you’d have something! Learn more here.


Send a Bud to your Bud
Your old college roommate moved to Chicago and today is his birthday! Now what? Why not head over to Facebook and buy him a drink!?! Budweiser is testing a clever idea, in Chicago and Denver, where Facebook users can send a birthday “gift code” to a friend that he or she can then redeem at their local watering hole for a free Bud or Bud Light. Fulfillment guru’s, have partnered with Budweiser to make this happen. No gift wrap required!


You Too?
Since the release of the iPhone 6 and automatic addition of the new U2 record to our iPhones and iTunes libraries, customers have been flooding help desks trying to find a way to remove this blasted thing! Luckily we found the fix you’ve been looking for. Click here for step by step instructions.

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