Ferocious, But Competition Looms

2015 Lexus RC – F, Price: $70,000 loaded

There is much to say about Lexus’ all-new RC-F, and we’ll get to most of it. But what anyone wishes to know before anything else about a sports car is A) How fast and B) How much? The answers: 0-60 in four seconds and B) Around $70,000, depending on options. How does it look? Handsome, sleek and stylish, especially if you go for Orange, like the tester I beat up points north of White Plains and up to Bear Mountain recently while keeping an eyeball out for John Law. The car packs an anxious, angry 450 horses into a 3.5 litre V-8 engine, meaning it takes off like a shot, passes like an arrow and does what you ask if it without hesitation. The RC-F’s main competitors are BMW’s M4 and Audi’s RS-5, but it’s a matter of personal taste and brand loyalty as they are all fast, gorgeous vehicles. For the 70 or so thousand with options they’re asking for the RC-F, you get tons o’ fun and a king-size dose of style and swank.

2015 Lexus RC – F, Price: $70,000 loaded

Its gorgeous, aggressive body features 19-inch wheels, cooling ducts and aerodynamic cues from Lexus’ LFA supercar, two of which I’ve punished on tracks in recent years. A spoiler activates at 50 MPH, and it’s available – along with the roof panel – in lightweight carbon-fiber if you so choose. Inside, designers borrowed heavily from themselves, nodding and sometimes directly pinching from Lexus’ IS. Race-style seats lend you that track-rat feeling, but the small rectangular mouse pad controller in between seats is an over-sensitive, niggly-wiggly gadget I could have done without.

The rear-wheel-drive version features a torque-vectoring differential that can deliver power to either rear wheel during hard use, and three dynamic modes allow the driver to choose either highway comfort or missile-like settings. At about 18 miles per gallon, you’ll have to make that choice based on where the next station is or if you become quickly addicted to the speed and accuracy this car offers. Time will tell if the RC-F blasts off sales-wise, but upon introduction, it carves a unique, admirable place at the sports car table.

josh max

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