The Tabula Rasa of Men’s Style: White Dress Shirt

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White dress shirts are a constant variable in a man’s wardrobe. It is as risk free when it comes to styling as it is suitable for any dress code. This means you can be freely innovative when going for a different look. By adding an accessory, you can upgrade from casual to dapper. For the stylish gent, think of the white dress shirt as the foundation of style. Think beyond the knots and the necktie.

Collar Pins & Chains
Collars are a prominent feature for dress shirts. It is undoubtedly the most interesting detail, yet least utilized. It just rests there; either loose or buttoned down, with no embellishment or accents. However, that can be changed with the some metallic decoration. Pierce your collars with a barbell, pins with chains, or clips for the tips to literally sharpen the look. Collar pins were originally designed to go under the knot of the tie to push it forward while showcasing the tie better. However, more modern styles call to wear it over the knot, making the pin the focus.

Suspenders still hold up a man’s trousers. More recently they have moved beyond professionals with a mature and serious disposition. The dual elastic straps can now add individuality to your style. Upgrade the white dress shirt to a look that resembles something a bit more fun and entertaining while still retaining the essence of this manly design – several versions exist. The appropriate way to sport suspenders is choose a color that matches your footwear and does not clash with your necktie. Be sure to choose between the straps or a belt, some traditions should stay traditions.

Wearing the white dress shirt affords men the ability to define their style. Accessorizing outside the standard is a hip and interesting way to finish the look. Feel free to employ color, embellishments and details to dress up your white buttoned down threads. You will promote and highlight your individuality and masculinity.

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matthew ambrosio

matthew ambrosio

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