Pledge Support For Anywhere but Here

It’s been a busy year for singer/songwriter Megan Rose. In April, she released her first EP and then during the summer she was on tour. She could be forgiven if she wanted to take a breather for the remainder of the year. But not Rose. On Tuesday, Sept. 23, Rose and Matt Sinisi launched a music pledge campaign for their new project, Anywhere but Here.

The campaign will fund the release of the five-song, EP, Anywhere but Here. Like most crowdfunded campaigns the pledge allows donors to contribute different amounts, for instance a $10 pledge results in a digital download of the EP, those that pledge $20 get a signed EP, and so on. Unlike most crowdfunded campaigns, however, where the musicians already have everything they want to do down, Sinsi and Rose plan on having their funders involved in the entire process.

“It’s a great way to raise money and attention,” Rose said. “And the cool part is it makes everyone feel a part of it, we feel accountable to them, it’s something special,” Sinisi said.

The campaign through PledgeMusic also allows them to work directly with a charity. A portion of the Anywhere but Here campaign will go towards the Memorial Sloan Kettering Fund in honor of, Ashley Graziano, a friend of Rose’s who passed away at the age of 19 from a rare form of cancer.

So far Rose and Sinsi have the acoustic tracks down and Rose said this is quite a departure from her debut EP.

“It [the first EP] had a more pop aspect, but we’re trying to spend more time on production to create a sonically lush sound with a rock aspect,” Rose said, adding she’s very excited about how different it is from her first EP.

“With the first EP, I didn’t know what I wanted and at the end I felt it didn’t represent me,” Rose said.

This time around Rose, Sinsi and their funders will be part of the entire production process with Rose and Sinsi blogging updates about the experience.

“The process is going to be a lot of fun,” Sinsi said.

The inspiration for Anywhere but Here comes from those feelings of belonging and of not belonging almost everyone experiences at some point. Ultimately, however, Sinsi and Rose hope when people listen to the music on the EP it will make them think, ‘I don’t belong anywhere but here.’

They’ll be recording at Q Division Studios in Boston and plan for the digital version of the EP to be available by December 20.

“We’re going to push on regardless of the funding,” Rose said.

Be a part of the process by joining their pledge campaign.