Fast Friday Tech Roundup – Friday Sept. 26

Each week we scour the digital world looking for the hottest gadgets, trending topics, new apps and more! We pass it on to you in easy to read bite-size morsels…after that you are on your own to surf at will!


Ah Fall, it’s the best time of the year! Everything cools down and the leaves paint a beautiful landscape. A veritable feast for the eyes! Are you always searching for the best fall foliage in your area? Then download “LeafPeepr”, the iPhone app that helps Fall-Foliage lovers find the best and brightest colors in the United States. And for those who want that Fall feeling all year round, download “Falling Leaves” for Android and enjoy the relaxed feel of falling leaves on your smartphone screen anytime you like.


Sleeping with your phone again?
Remember those old alarm clocks that played the soothing sounds of the beach, with rolling waves and seagull sounds that were supposed to help you sleep? Well, by now, those clocks are probably off our nightstands and smartphones are our new nighttime pacifiers…so leave it to genius App creators to concoct 10 new apps that help you fall asleep and stay asleep!


On the Bend
What’s this week’s newest wrinkle with the iPhone6? It bends! This is actually not a good thing folks. Apple has told consumers it might not be a good idea to keep this phone in their jeans (especially tight ones) for an extended period or they risk damaging their new phone. Huh? They suggest a case as a quick fix…really? So this is the quality of work Apple puts out now that Steve Jobs is no longer at the helm. I’m sure he would not be happy.

Less Than a Minute
I want it now! Ok then, here you go. Everything you need to know about life in less than a minute…its true! Learn the secret to losing weight. See how to spot a fake smile. Are you a good liar? What’s the advantage of having a mirror in your kitchen? Psychologist and Author Richard Wiseman fill’s you in on all this and more…in just 59 seconds! Watch the amazing videos here.

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