Pulse Rate October 2014

Bela Lugosi does not wear fangs in his famous 1930s portrayal of Dracula. The first cinema depiction of a vampire with the now standard canines was a Turkish movie Drakula Istanbul’da in 1953.

Fossil evidence indicates that hundreds of millions of years ago 20-foot-tall mushrooms towered over diminutive early trees.

WWI finally wrapped up in October 2010. That month, the last of Germany’s reparation payments as dictated by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles was submitted.

The Pentagon has spent at least $300,000 to study the body language of Vladimir Putin and other world leaders for hints of their intentions.

Kongo Gumi, a Japanese Buddhist temple construction firm, recently went out of business. The company had been in operation since 578 AD—just a century after the last roman emperor was deposed.

If you are ever in an Arctic survival situation, do not eat polar bear or seal livers. They contain toxic levels of vitamin A.

Marijuana is legal in North Korea. Not classified as a drug, it’s consumed freely by the populace for relaxation and as an alternative to tobacco.

Scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds! In fact, using a process that harnesses forces millions of times greater than normal atmospheric pressure, many materials containing carbon can be similarly transformed.

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michael isenbek

Michael Isenbek, Associate Editor, dabbles in both fiction and nonfiction writing, coordinates the Pulse event listings and writes the text for "Zoom," among other editorial tasks. He has a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Journalism from SUNY Empire State College.