Close-Up with Photographer Susan Wood

Renowned photographer Susan Wood had a rare glimpse behind the scenes at some of the most iconic movies filmed in the 1960s while under contract to Paramount Pictures, United Artists and 20th Century Fox. The editorial, advertorial and fashion photographer captured unrehearsed shots of Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Monic Vitti and more while on the sets of movies including “Easy Rider,” “Hatari!” and “Modesty Blaise.”

“Easy Rider,” 1968

She did what any busy professional would have done with the shots.

“I put them away and tended to other things,” Wood said.

Years later Shelter Island-based New York Times photographer Deidre Brennan was helping Wood with some archival work when she came across the photographs and thought it be wonderful to show them to the world.

Billy Wilder, 1970
Billy Wilder,1970

Wood wasn’t as sure. “Close-Up: Iconic Film Images from Susan Wood,”curated by Deidre Brennan first debuted this past February in Ireland at a show Wood says was very well received.

“I thought it would be stuff coming out of moth balls, but people loved it,” Wood said.” It’s a very interesting piece of history. I think people get pleasure in seeing the stars in behind the scenes moments.”

The exhibit made its American debut at the Mulford Farm Museum on Oct. 4 and runs through Oct. 26.

Wood’s work has appeared in Look, Vogue, People, and The New York Time. She is known for her portraits of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Susan Sontag, Diane Von Furstenberg, and John Updike.

Monica Vitti, “Modesty Blaise,” 1966.jpg
Monica Vitti, “Modesty Blaise,” 1966

But these photographers are something different.

“The films were so iconic, they changed movie making, defied and broke through censorship,” wood said.

Her photographs give a peek of that and in a building that has just as much history. The Mulford Barn was built in 16809 and has remained largely unchanged since 1750.

“It’s beautiful and am honored and thrilled to be there,” Wood said.

Close-Up: Iconic Film Images from Susan Wood
East Hampton Historical Society’s Mulford Farm Museum
10 James Lane, East Hampton, NY
October 4 – October 26, 2014
Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sunday, noon – 5 pm
Admission is free.