Chalking Up the LI Pulse Cover


Diane McInerney is everywhere: on the cover of Long Island Pulse magazine, on television screens when she anchors Inside Edition and on one of the sidewalks at Adelphi University.

Ambitious university art student, Esther Leslie and her friend and fellow art student Valerie Rodriquez replicated the October cover of LI Pulse, featuring McInerney, as part of Chalk UP!

The annual Adelphi University event took place on Oct. 8. From 11am to 2pm, students and university faculty and staff transformed the walkways of the campus with images and text in chalk.

chalk up

“The hands and the jacket,” Leslie said were the hardest parts of chalking up the LI Pulse cover.

Leslie and Rodriquez began working around 8am and spent about 7 hours on the project before declaring it finished.


“It just takes time to build up the volume,” Leslie said.

Watch the time lapse of Leslie and Rodriquez chalking up the LI Pulse cover below.