Fast Friday Tech Roundup: Friday Oct. 10

Gadgets Galore!
So many new gadgets, so little money! From head rests to staplers, Inventors are having the time of their lives reinventing the things we use every day.

Hey, that’s my Stapler
Who knew this item could get any better… but Japanese firm Nikkei Technology have designed a stapler that will “crimp” up to five pages together in a tight seal that come apart by simply by using a pen cap, or similar object, to rub the pages apart… Genius! Read more here!

Amped Up!
Headphones not working out for you? Maybe you need an Amp! Using the same technology that powers hearing aids, Tech Company SoundFocus have developed a case that wraps comfortably around your iPhone with two dynamic speakers that improve the audio performance of your phone. The device first, takes a quick hearing test of each user then outputs the audio for music, calls or video to your specific listening profile. The unit will not hit stores until 2015, but you can sample the features now by downloading the app… just click here.

It’s Nap Time
I’m not sure if I recommend this item, but for those who can literally nap anywhere, grab a “NapAnywhere!” This clever device molds and shapes to your head and neck, lays comfortable on your shoulder and helps you drift off to dreamland. You’ll wake up refreshed without that pesky crick in your neck. Take a snooze at your desk, in a chair, on a plane, or in the car (just not while driving please). Okay, so it looks a little funky… who cares! You’ll be so relaxed it won’t matter what people say… you got this!

App of the Week
Planning a trip to L.A.? Want to see some stars? Well this app has got you covered! The “Hollywood Walk of Fame” app allows you to pre-plan your trip and helps you map your walk down memory lane. Plus you can watch videos, see photos, take a quiz and read bios on all your favorite stars! The app is free. As for the plane tickets…you’re on your own.

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