Fast Friday Tech Roundup: Friday Oct. 17


The Eyes Have It!
In addition to releasing updates to their popular iPad this week, Apple announces their new iMac desktop with Retina display. So what the heck is Retina Display? It’s the highest resolution screen that Apple has positioned on a desktop yet. Details are still seeping out, but early reports say the new iMac is the thinnest and fastest yet! Stay up to date with all the details here.


All grown up!
I’m all about the backpack, but I’m also not in college any longer so I need something a little more grown up…enter the Hex Onyx Origin. Stylish and functional it can store your laptop, appointment book, smartphone, tablet or whatever you may need at the office or job interview. Black Leather trim gives it a more adult appearance and the extra padding provided will protect fragile items (like the aforementioned Laptop). This the perfect daily companion for the professional who is always on the move.


Rocket Power
Wearable, moveable, rechargeable and all around excitable…Rocket Skates are here! Rocket Skates easily strap over your favorite walking shoes and can travel 8 to 10 miles on a single charge! Part Roller Blade and part Segway, Rocket Skates have no hand held controls and a companion app that tracks your progress and helps you connect with fellow Rocket Skaters. Rocket Skates…easy to master, great for the environment and so much fun! Check out the video here!


Who Needs a Wallet?
Remember that story your mom used to tell, “Someday Johnny, you won’t need paper money to pay for anything!” Well, mom is closer to correct than she’s ever been. Apple just took a giant leap forward with their Apple Pay system. And on October 20th we’ll see if Apple CEO Tim Cook can deliver on his promise to have some of the largest retailers in America utilize Apple’s pay by phone application. See the list of retailers that are on participating here.

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