The iPod Turns 13


A Suitcase you can Ride?
It’s a suitcase and a scooter. It’s a backpack and a skateboard. It’s luggage without the lugging…it’s the Olaf. Imagine taking everything you need for the entire day… including your transportation! The Olaf is just that and has two models to choose. The “Urban” is a removable backpack, a trolley, a steerable kick scooter and a wooden skateboard. The “Business” design is a three in one (airline approved) carry-on suitcase, trolley and kick-scooter. Would’ve made a great holiday gift but production will not be complete until January 2015. Watch the video to see the Olaf in action.


These Apps are Scary Good!
Long Islander’s just love Halloween! For some, it takes over their entire month. This year Halloween fans can truly have-it-all with these absolutely spook-tacular apps for iPhone and Android. Create greeting cards to send to friends (or enemies), download ghostly wallpapers for your screen or choose a game to play with friends. Grab the list of Halloween themed app’s here.


Email, Gmail Everywhere
How many emails accounts do you have? I have six, no wait… I think it’s seven! Yes, that’s right it’s seven…and yes, I “do” check them all! Well, coming soon from android you’ll be able to check your Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail all within the same app on your android phone. No more switching from application to application, browsing your other email accounts when google makes it easy to see them all in one cozy little interface. So, why is google granting easy access to other email services? It’s just Google doing what it does best… inviting you in with their shiny new object and never letting you leave. How’s that for scary?


The iPod Turns 13!
This week we give a big shout-out to the thirteen year old white knight…the iPod. The music device that started it all has turned thirteen this month. I don’t know about you, but these days most of my mp3 listening sessions happen on my smartphone. Although I will say I continue to use those cute little white earbuds…they still sound great! How many readers still have their original iPod? Let us know in the comments below! See you next week!

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