The Grass Gets Greener

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38, Diane Greene of Plainview found herself calling a local breast cancer hotline seeking support. A woman who was a breast cancer survivor answered the phone and when words of encouragement came from the other line, Greene broke down crying. At that point Greene said she knew that someday she wanted to be that same person for other women seeking support as they fight breast cancer.

Greene is now one of the many volunteers at the Adelphi Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program which she describes as being “the most caring, loving, and helpful program around” She has been working as a volunteer since 2002 and said she is “extremely passionate about the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program.” The Adelphi Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program provides hope and support for women and men across New York state who are fighting breast cancer.

Many in Greene’s family have had breast cancer and she described it as a part of her life that will never go away.

“My mom, aunt, uncle and six cousins had breast cancer, and many did not survive,” Greene said.

Greene, however, did survive and now helps to support and provide hope to others who are in a similar situations and seeking the same encouragement she was looking for 16 years ago.

One of the most remarkable aspects to the program Greene said is the personalized care that comes through the hotline. The “specialty list” which is one of Greene’s favorite things about the program “is a list of each of the volunteers’ diagnoses and treatment protocols.” This list helps hotline volunteers to match callers to volunteers they’d best be suited with whether it be experiences with chemo, hair loss, or surgery.

“It is very important for a caller to speak with someone who has been there and knows what they are going through” said Greene.

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Adelphi Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program

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Samantha Wieder is a 2014 summer intern at Long Island Pulse. She is a junior at Binghamton University. Follow her on Twitter at @samashwieder.