Drinkology: Gettin’ Figgy With It

It’s harvest time and one of the best ways to enjoy the fresh bounty of the season is at the bottom of a glass. Drinks abound with the flavors of fall—fresh-pressed apples, earthy pumpkins with nutmeg and cinnamon, and…fig purée? Yes, the oft-neglected teardrop fruit, best known in its Newton-ized form, has its peak harvest season in early-to-mid fall.

“We change our signature cocktails for every season,” said Honu Kitchen & Cocktails co-owner Mark Zecher. “This fall we were inspired by Black Mission figs and fresh fennel.” Fennel is also a cool weather crop harvested in autumn. It adds a lively aroma and depth to the drink and the honey flavor of figs is complemented by lemon and black currant juice. Figenza, a fig-flavored vodka, keeps all the figgy-ness together, the perfect vehicle for the fresh fall ingredient.

Honu’s Fig & Fennel Cocktail
1 1/2oz Figenza vodka
1oz fig and fennel purée*
Twist of fresh lemon
1oz black currant juice

Add ingredients into a shaker with ice cubes. Shake. Pour contents into glass.
Garnish with fennel.

*Fig and fennel purée
3 ripe Black Mission figs (remove stems) 1/2 cup rough chopped fennel
2oz water

Purée in blender.