Winterize Your Skin Routine

Winter is the season for oversized sweaters, crackling fires, hot toddies—and dry, itchy skin. The combination of cooler climes, whipping winds and drying indoor heat makes this the worst time of year for dermis. Make these tweaks to your regimen to keep things healthy and hydrated.

Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair Day Cream
Arctic cloudberry is the key ingredient in this face and neck balm from Finnish cult beauty brand Lumene. Full of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, the amber berry stimulates cell repair and boosts skin’s ability to retain moisture. The day cream also comes with SPF 15 protection. $30 for 1.5oz;

Korres Lip Butter
The combination of moisturizing shea butter and protective rice wax helps keep lips soft and supple. Women should opt for Wild Rose, which has a shiny, deep red tint, while the nude-hued Guava is better suited for men. $12 for .21oz;

Molton Brown Replenishing Hand Cream
Truffles aren’t just for tasting menus these days. The treasured tuber is showing up as an ingredient in lotions and creams like this lightly scented treatment for weather-worn hands. White truffle extract, a source of B vitamins, works to improve circulation and hydration, Tahitian tamanu nut oil helps heal dry, cracked skin. $15 for 1.4oz;

Curel Rough Skin Rescue
Part exfoliant, part full-body moisturizer, this two-in-one helps slough off dry, rough skin while restoring its moisture barrier. Curel’s proprietary ceramide complex taps into the powers of naturally occurring lipids, which keeps water locked in. $8 for 13oz; widely available

Changing to a skincare routine designed for the dry winter season is a good start. Dr. Dilip Madnani, a facial plastic surgeon with Laserderm in Smithtown, shared some other pitfalls to avoid.

Don’t forget the SPF: Sunscreen is just as essential in winter as it is in summer. And before spending long periods of time outside, remember to reapply.

Go easy on exfoliation: Exfoliation in the winter is still a must—just not too often, which might dry skin out. Dr. Madnani prefers new devices like Clarisonic, which takes the thinking out of exfoliation.

Skip bath time: A hot bath, while tempting during a polar vortex, tends to strip skin of natural oils. But if a bath is a must, keep the water temperature mild and moisturize immediately after.