Fast Friday Tech Roundup: Friday October 31st

USB Kidding Me?
Looking for a gift for the Goth-Geek in your life? Why not give the SkullHub a try! This clever and useful decorative desktop appliance is functional and down-right creepy. With four, 2.0 USB ports and a nifty storage compartment (where the victims brains used to be), the SkullHub will dress up your workstation for that spooky Halloween feeling all year round. This unique accessory for your PC looks so life-like it may even keep the boss away from your cubical… making the 20 bucks you’ll spend well worth it! Get yours here.

Ghostly Images
Not going anywhere tonight for Halloween? That’s okay, you can still participate in all the festivities by simply downloading these original Halloween themed wallpapers…for free! Now when you’re sitting at your desk, or your kids are passing by the computer, they’ll know you’re definitely in the holiday spirit! Plus, you won’t have to get dressed up in a silly costume or slap all that disgusting make-up on your face. Celebrating this year was never so easy, download your Halloween themed wallpaper here.

Safety First
There are plenty of ways to keep your children safe while they’re out-on-the-town gathering treats this Halloween. Simple tips like making sure their phones are fully charged before they leave the house, to having emergency numbers of family members and relatives on speed dial. These are just two simple ways a parent can feel confident that their child is out there playing-it-safe! But, did you know there are smartphone apps specifically designed for the teen, or tween, who will partake in this year’s festivities? Click here for some great apps you can download and use tonight!

This is Scary
We all know there are rules to checking candy that comes home in our children’s goodie bags right? Well, in case you just crawled out from under a gravestone (or you just want to take a look at a silly video at the office), click here (or watch the video below) for some great tips that’ll help you scour your children’s candy bag for yummy “safe” treats.

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