every day is the right time…

you know the nighttime, darling
(night and day)
is the right time
(night and day)
to be
(night and day)
with the one you love, now
(night and day)*

the food world, like fashion and design, is susceptible to trends. certain products, recipes or meals come in and out of style every six months or so. (example: lobster mac & cheese.) but there are certain mainstays that evolve to embrace trends rather than fade into the shadow of the next big thing. (example: truffle mac & cheese.) november is our annual dining, wine & spirits issue in which we capture these gourmet delights as well as embrace the last days we can actually be outdoors.

the great sandwich survey is front and center. after months of online polls, in-house debate and miles on the company expense account, associate editor sal vaglica curated a sampling of the best things to come between two slices of bread. this is a collection any food-lover needs to know and we also got the backstories that brought the creations to life.

over the course of a year we encounter a lot of special menu items. 18 things to eat right now spotlights the most interesting, hard to find and downright delicious. editorial assistant casey dooley had the task of pulling these together (though there is one repeat offender from last year’s list). as long as we’re talking about all the eating pulse people did to prepare this issue, associate editor chris connolly tagged the best places to spend a friday night. in his diners club, we cast a light on the ideal venues for getting together with friends no matter what the agenda may be. and we wash it all down with wine. jeffery lindenmuth’s experiences traveling the world in search of a good drink culminated in his 6 easy steps for developing your palate along with a companion piece: 5 local wines with something to teach.

indulging like this can get out of hand pretty quickly, thus we offer some respite from the foodstuff with timely diversions. the holidays are closing in and our luxury segments, objects of desire and quintessential gentlemen, capture the pleasures of jewelry and timepieces your special someone will be pining for. (they’re also perfect for tearing out and sticking to the fridge as a hint.) our cover shot is an excerpt from autumn dynamic, a fashion feature in which the unique photographic stylings of jesse untracht-oakner capture fresh fall fashions pulled from some of our favorite local shops.

the editorial in our arts and culture pages is ready for you to act on or, on wetter days, spend time reading by an autumn fire. spies like us is aileen jacobson’s surprising account of long island’s role in thwarting the british during the revolutionary war. talking walls writer drew moss interviewed digital artist alan richards and objectified columnist mary gregory caught up with ian wardropper, executive director at nyc’s frick museum. he’s the man behind a 400th anniversary exhibit of el greco’s work that spans two venues: the frick and the met.

there’s no shortage of opportunities to eat, drink and be merry this month, but nothing beats a good plan. my suggestion? pour a fig cocktail (see page 40) and dog-ear your favorite pages for a custom-tailored itinerary, then get at it.

*every day is the right time…
to be with the one you love now,


* “the right time,” ray charles

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.