A Home for Beautiful Gems


Tucked away on Main Street in Huntington, in a red building, Zachary’s Fine Jewelry holds a treasure chest of beautiful gems. Gemstones glimmer, engagement rings sparkle and silver pieces beckon behind glass, as if even though handmade the pieces have been waiting for the right person to come in, select one and touch it for the first time.

“We thought we have so many beautiful things why not give a retail store a try,” May Dulgerian who owns Zachary’s Fine Jewelry with her husband Zachary said.


The Dulgerians opened the store in 2008. Previously they sold jewelry that Zachary designed wholesale. The store gave those pieces a home.

Each of those pieces start out as single stones Zachary buys at trade shows. Each year they travel to about six trade shows to buy gems and to see the new styles and trends. When they return from the shows Zachary sets out putting different stones together until designs come about.

“It’s a lot of unique, one of a kind pieces, that even we can’t make again,” May said.


Those one of a kind pieces are part of the charm of Zachary’s Fine Jewelry. The shop also does jewelry repairs, watch repairs, watch battery replacement and takes custom requests for jewelry designs. Their loyal client base knows that when they step inside the store, they’ll find something special for themselves or for a loved one.

“Horseshoes,” May said. “Horseshoes and horse inspired pieces are very popular this year.” The Dulgerians who run the store with the help of their daughter Laura expect the horseshoe trend to continue as they start to movie into their busier time of the year: holiday shopping.


When it comes to holiday shopping there is something for every price range from the more extravagant to the silver that Laura said often makes for good stocking stuffers.

“We have something for every pocket book,” May said.

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