The Oris Experience with Libutti Jewelers

Oris Event

This showcase of time and movement was hosted by Nassau Flyers in their well-stocked Farmingdale hangar. The stars of the evening were Nassau Flyers’ new Cirrus SR-20 and 2012 SR-22 (the Porsches of the sky) and Libutti Jewelers’ timepiece offerings, including Oris’ latest aeronautical innovation, the Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter watch. Audi of Lynbrook provided VIP transportation and also had cars on display. Catering by Zorn’s and wine by Raphael.

Martin Brys, Jamie McCorry, Robert Dolinski, V.J. Geronimo, Angela Beebe of Oris, Marcus Orduna of Libutti Jewelers

Navia Watson, Coldit Thompson, Saheed Alabi

Steve Murphy, Joe DiPaola, Bob Coburn

Julia and Carol O’Connell