Locked Out? Use Your iPhone


I’d buy this in a Heartbeat!
It’s been said that each fingerprint is unique, but did you know everyone has their own distinct heartbeat? A new wearable device called the Nymi is rumored to record and catalog your “individual cardiac rhythm” that will verify your identity and allow you pay for products and services. What makes this wearable device so different? It operates completely independent of any other device you currently own. There is no need to sync the Nymi with your phone or smart device. Think of it as a wallet you wear on your wrist. Other functions could include; keyless entry, turning on the lights, even controlling your TV.


Alright Amazon, We Give!
It seems we’re always talking about Amazon week after week on this blog but hey, they keep releasing new products and services! This time it’s the “Echo,” the… table-top personal assistant, shopping list maker, joke teller, weather tracker, music player, recipe finder, mind reader, information gatherer, blue tooth enabler, voice activated, programmable, hands-free, Wi-Fi, cloud-based what-cha-ma-call-it (Whew!). Check it out and pre-order it here. Prime members get it for half-price… mine’s already on pre-order.


Locked Out? Use your Phone
Its 2:00am, you arrive at your hotel and stand in line waiting for that plastic (often uncleansed) room key. You find your room, slide that card in-and-out of the slot on the door waiting for that little green light to let you pass. Well, struggle no more. The geniuses at Starwood Hotels have found a way around those annoying room key cards…your phone! By using your smartphone and the companion app, you’ll have your room number, your confirmation, an alert that tells you your room is ready and your room key too! Zip past the check-in lines, wave your phone by the door and you’re in! Testing has already begun at 10 different hotels in the U.S… Just make sure your cell phone is charged or you’ll give new meaning to the term “wall hugger.”


All Lap, No Top
We talk a lot about gimmicks and gadgets here but rarely about new laptops, that’s probably because the traditional laptop computer may soon be a thing of the past. Tablets, iPads and Notes are fine but they don’t have the power, speed or functionality of a PC or a Mac…till now! The Surface Pro 3 by Microsoft, just may be the device that makes the old-style laptop a relic real soon. Powerful, stylish, light and portable the Surface Pro 3 takes everything you love about the laptop, or PC and puts it together with the portability of a tablet. With too many details and perks to mention, click here to take a look at the Surface Pro 3 and get your holiday shopping list ready for its newest entry.

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