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The Ritz-Carlton, Westchester in White Plains enjoys a unique geographic advantage, competing with no other universally recognized 5-star hotel within 30 square miles. What the Ritz is selling in Westchester is what it has always sold – a highly pleasurable, relaxed, efficient upscale experience where your spine-needles are plucked out one by one and you leave relaxed and ready to do battle with the world again. They also have staff that expertly walk the tight rope of efficiency coupled with warmth, intelligence and humor that can either make or break a high-end hotel. In this case, it makes it.

For instance, during my stay I asked a staff member where I might find a battery for my watch. At lessor resorts, I might have been vaguely directed to the main thoroughfare, where I’d be free to wander up and down before consulting the iPhone. Instead, the watch was demanded, handed over, and within three hours was left on my nightstand in perfect working order. That’s the kind of extra mile that brings guests back, forever, or might convince them to live in the Residences At The Ritz-Carlton. That and 146 large, plush rooms and suites, two award-winning restaurants, BL Steak and 42 The Restaurant, a tenth-floor pool and fitness center, valet parking, and so much more.

ritz carlton
Ritz-Carlton of White Plains

The hotel’s exterior is deceptively free of loudness; no enormous logo, no searchlights wandering the sky, no undue attention called to itself. Inside, it’s bustling but not out-of-control, and there is always someone at any desk to answer a question, arrange something or even chat if it’s not too busy. Breakfast in the lobby was a relaxed, divine journey into eggs, smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions, a fresh toasted bagel and hot cappuccino. Dinner at the recently revamped 42 The Restaurant was served accompanied by a view of Long Island Sound, the Hudson River and New York City and included in-house baked breads and Iberian-influenced fare prepared by Portuguese chef Anthony Goncalves.

Not everyone who checks into a hotel plans his or her trip weeks in advance. Some are coming off the road or they’re visiting nearby family. A good hotel in a busy area of town handles all business without blinking, planned or unplanned, quickly delivering their guests great food, drink, rest and service. The Ritz-Carlton of White Plains does it especially well.

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