Steve Hackett: What Genius Sounds Like

Genesis has reentered the realm of current events with two recent releases: a career-spanning CD retrospective that also gives equal time to the solo career of its individual members, along with a filmed documentary that explores the band’s journey from inception through dissolution. It is the latter of these events that has made further headlines as guitarist Steve Hackett publically stated that he felt that the solo careers of Genesis’s individual members were not fairly apportioned, and that he would not offer the DVD of the documentary for sale on his website when it is released in January 2015.

Hackett is the sole member of Genesis who has kept the music’s flag aloft. Currently on the road for his Genesis Extended 2014-2015 World Tour, Hackett and band visit Long Island on November 15th at The Space at Westbury, performing material from Hackett’s Genesis years, 1970-1977.

Here’s some of what Hackett had to say during a long and candid conversation that covered a variety of areas, including his solo career, his innovative use of double-tapping on guitar, his collaborations with Yes members Steve Howe and Chris Squire, past albums and performances, his current world tour, and a new album that he has just completed.

“Genesis was a huge editorial school of ‘They don’t like this, and you can’t do that.’ There were lots of ifs, ands and buts.”

“I would watch gems being thrown into the pot with other people, and then we would end up not recording that stuff, and it used to drive me up the wall. I used to think that there was an agenda at work here. (Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford) stood in (Peter Gabriel’s) way, they stood in my way. At the end of the day, for Pete and me, our allegiance was to music, and not to what many people might think of as the world’s best band. You could justify that, certainly. Tons of talent, but not enough heart.”

“I think up until recently, I was always trying to cover. I didn’t want to sound like I’m ratting on the regiment, but I think that people are old enough now to realize that there is a truth. People want to know why there is no band these days, why is it the band can’t do anything? Why is it I’m out there doing a separate show of Genesis music myself?”

An excellent question, Mr. Hackett! With so many bands from rock’s halcyon days dusting off their instruments and putting aside old squabbles to take the stage once again and celebrate the music with their fans, what is preventing Genesis from standing onstage together again?

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roy abrams

roy abrams

Currently living in Kings Park with his wife and stepson, Roy Abrams is an educator, musician, and writer. He created and hosted the popular Island Zone radio show in the late '90s and was a contributor to Crosby, Stills, Nash (and sometimes Young), the authorized biography (Gopher Publishers, 2002).