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Hi welcome to wealth – wise!

The idea of undertaking a regular blog is both exciting and scary at the same time. We believe that we have much to say and lots of ways to add value. Today’s entry will be easy; we’re just going to touch on why we are going to blog, our purpose in blogging, and who we’re writing for.

The “why” is easy! Everything we believe and do at QCRM is built on a fundamental belief and truth: in this world the most important things we have as human beings are our families, our health, our faith, and our money! With this as a core value we take great care to do no harm and always put the needs of our clients and the readers of this blog first and foremost. As such we’re going to go to great lengths to create a body of written work that we can be proud of and most importantly that can help readers sift through all of the noise, helping them to make solid informed decisions. In this blog we’ll also challenge the status quo and the things that don’t sit right with us; in particular, the sales culture mentality in the financial services industry, financial pornography in the media, and the belief that financial planning can be reduced to investment management decisions. Now that is not to suggest that great professionals do not exist in our industry. We know plenty of them. Rather, we believe the industry as a whole has to do a better job of putting the needs of the client first. Next to critical health care services, solid client-centered, values based financial advice is some of the most critical services a person will ever purchase. We truly believe in this increasingly complex financial environment, every person needs someone to talk to about their money and their life.

The purpose of our blog is to inspire personal growth by helping people make wise choices with how they invest their time, energy, and money! And while that may sound a little strange for what is in essence a financial planning blog, if you’re not getting that from your financial plan it is under-serving you and your family!

This blog will be created and organized in such a way that there will be educational content universal to anyone who seeks to accumulate wealth and financial well-being. Initially we will create content two times per month as that is what we think we’re ready to commit to. Our initial focus will be to provide you with a context of “what is financial planning? Who should be thinking about it and why? How do you go about doing it on your own, and if you’re paying someone for it, how do you know if you’re getting real planning?”

Steven Covey said in his famous book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “Begin with the end in mind”. If I think about what I would like readers of our fledgling blog to say in the future, the word empowerment comes to mind. We would like this blog to empower people to move forward and attain a level of financial well-being that will help them in other critical areas of their lives! Lastly I am more of a speaker than I will ever be a writer and thrive on dialogue! If you have a burning question and or a topic that you think is critically important, let the fine people at the LI Pulse know and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you for reading and please share this with those you love!

s. joseph disalvo

S. Joseph DiSalvo, ChFC, President of Quest Capital & Risk Management, LLC, has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is passionate about helping clients build successful Financial Life Plans to align with their deeply held values and life aspirations. He founded Quest Capital & Risk Management in 1997 to create a unique business model that looks beyond a personal financial statement to help clients build their best life plan. Visit us at: http://www.questcapitalmanagement.com