Best Face Forward

“When you shave, you’re supposed to feel like a new person,” said Giuseppe Marino, owner of Mario’s Barber Shop in Hampton Bays. Marino, 24, has been shaving customers since he was 12, beginning in his father’s barbershop. “People look at it like it’s a chore, but if you take a few minutes to do it properly, you’ll start looking forward to it each time.”

We couldn’t agree more so we put together the Pulse primer on saving face.

Pre-shave oils and balms provide lubrication, which prevents burns and breakouts. Imperial’s uses natural oils and aloe to soften whiskers and calm skin with a lavender scent. The eyedropper cap makes it easy to divvy out the four or five drops required for a shave. Got light stubble? Use the oil and skip the shaving cream. $16 for 1oz;

Shaving Cream
A good lather is key to a burn-free and efficient shave. And no amount of science will dethrone Proraso’s highly concentrated eucalyptus and menthol formula. Wash with warm water (when not using shave oil) and start building a lather on the cheeks with a nickel-sized amount of the cream. Better yet, use a badger brush. $10 for 150ml;

The lather-in-hand method can get messy, but a brush is tried and true. Dampen and wring out the bristles, then form a hole in the center and load it with a dollop of cream. Use tight circular motions to dispense and watch as a small amount goes a long way. $29;

Most post-shave tonics are alcohol-based and can dry the skin. Stick with a straightforward, lightweight
moisturizer because it hydrates and repairs in one step. Lab Series moisturizer absorbs quickly while adding SPF protection that’s sting-free. $44 for 3.4oz;

2-for-1: Exfoliating buffs away dead cells that ruin a smooth shave. Save time by mixing a gritty scrub with shave cream in your hand then apply it with circular motions.

Sharp Jeans: Hone a dull razor by running it forward about 20 times on a pair of blue jeans to even out nicks.