Layer Up

Right now, it’s peak sweater season, the time when some carefully layered cashmere is enough to keep warm. Actually, the right pairing of sweaters can fight the chill from the morning commute to drinks after work with enough versatility to scale down in a warm restaurant without needing another seat at the bar. “I try to avoid wearing coats until it really gets cold, so layering is important to me,” said Jackson, the sales and fashion coordinator at Tyrone, a men’s clothier in Roslyn.

This requires careful attention to the thickness of materials, starting with the right base layer, which isn’t the standard t-shirt. “You want a t-shirt made from a stretchable fabric that fits snuggly with a high crew neck,” Jackson said. “These t-shirts are much smoother whereas a regular undershirt has a tendency to interfere with how the layer falls above it.” With the right base/sweater combination, chances are you can eek out a few more weeks before the coats come out.

For those cool but sunny days spent outside:
Start with a fitted, high crew-neck shirt. Top that with a smooth, medium weight v-neck and a slightly heavier zip-up cashmere sweater. Pick outerwear appropriate for the temperatures, but always keep it 3/4 length.

For cold days that end at the bar:
Incorporating button-down sports shirts in bolder patterns adds texture to layers without unnecessary bulk. When worn under a V-neck sweater, keep it buttoned just above the V and go with a coat that has a substantial flip-up collar.

For casual Fridays:
Start with a crew neck, long sleeve Henley as the base. Cover that with a fresh take on a classic button-down cashmere sweater and a topcoat just heavy enough for the morning commute.

For February:
Layering is effective because it scales up for outdoors and back down again once inside. This look nails that. The zip-up cashmere sweater has a tall collar to block any winds while the bulkier shell jacket is packed with insulation.