The Transporter

The date is circled on the calendar. The bags are packed and the mail has been forwarded for the next few weeks. Even the dog is ready for the trip down to warmer climates. But what about that special ride? Snowbirds that choose to ship a prized car can have it arrive at their southern locale, usually within three to five days. And no, we’re not talking about FedEx.

Kings Park-based Plycar ships cars for snowbirds to their homes anywhere in the country using enclosed trailers. “Other services use open trailers and that leaves the cars vulnerable to the elements and you could get hail or stone chip damage,” said James Ferzoco, the company’s director of sales and business development.

Cars are inspected and then loaded onto level beds after keys are handed over by the owner, a doorman or another proxy. During the peak season, which runs from October to December and again from April to June, clients typically need to schedule two weeks in advance to reserve one of six spots on a trailer. The cost depends on the value of the car and typically starts at $1,500 one-way during peak season.

Don’t feel like waiting three days? Plycar can load your car individually and fill the big rig’s cabin with a team of drivers who take turns behind the wheel, like they did for a hedge fund manager’s Aston Martin. The business handles a diverse range of super-brands, though the most popular rides making round trips from Long Island include Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bentley.