The Wearable Edition

Expensive, But Worth It

The Narrative Clip, a new clip-on mini camera that clips to your hat, shirt or anywhere you like–snaps a high quality digital photo every 2 minutes as you travel throughout your day. It’s like a wearable-portable-digital-diary! And the best part? Like life… you never know what you’re gonna’ get! At the end of your day you download the photos, share the ones you like or just keep them all to yourself. See something you want to capture? A quick double-tap on the unit-snaps an extra picture you can cherish later. Want to stop taking pictures, no problem, just turn the camera face down on your desk or toss it in your bag…it shuts down automatically. Hand-written journals beware, it’s a digital world and the Narrative Clip is here to capture it all.

Can You Hear Me Now?


OK, now tech companies have gone too far! Wearables are the hottest trend in technology (see at the story above for proof), but this has got to be the craziest… Smart Earrings!?! Ear-o-Smart are a pair of smart earrings that connect to your smartphone and monitor your vital stats, and activity levels all day long. And we need this why? Well, Kickstarter sales pitch aside, this device will most likely morph into a valuable life saving device someday. It’s been said that wearing a monitoring device, such as the Ear-o-Smart, on your earlobe happens to be the best place to capture a person’s heart rate and blood flow. So hey, if the style isn’t the best–it definitely has a lot of function.

Utility Belt


A utility belt that would make Batman envious! The Xoo Belt (pronounced “zoo”) is modern, stylish and also serves as a power source for your smartphone or tablet. No need to stop mid-stride to find an available place to plug in–just reach down to your waist, pull the cord and start charging! Now that’s definitely something I can use! The belt is made from durable, waterproof, damage proof material and is safe for you and your clothing. This IndieGoGo project is looking for backers and if their goal is met you’ll see this item on shelves early summer 2015. I hope they remembered to add the “hold up your pants” function.

Sorry, I Forgot My Keys


This is not exactly a wearable device, in fact this may fall into the most “regrettable device this year” category. A Swedish woman, who’s just plain sick of carrying around her pass-key-card that allows her in and out of her office, decided to simply have the small microchip implanted in her hand! This is surprising and makes you wonder why we haven’t seen something like this before. I mean, we already use these small microchips as tracking devices in our pets, so why not in ourselves. I guess you can say this woman is definitely dedicated to her job! The only drawback? Never being able to use the excuse that you forgot your keys. Read the rest of the story here.

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