Pulse Rate December/January 2014

Part of sword swallower training is learning how to gently nudge the heart out of the way as the blade travels down the esophagus. Being too rough is quite painful, according to practitioners.

In lieu of police dogs, Chinese cops use domesticated geese. The birds are aggressive and possess keen eyesight, hearing and an extremely loud squawk.

Procrastinators FTW: Black Friday isn’t the biggest holiday shopping day of the year, it’s actually the Saturday before Christmas.

Golf’s head’s up call of “fore” is derived from the Scottish term for “look out ahead.”

This January will mark the 35th anniversary of a winter storm that brought snow to Miami and the Bahamas.

Poverty has nothing to do with being a “Third World” country. The designation originally indicated that a nation was not capitalist (First World) or communist- socialist (Second World).

Once inside a chrysalis, butterflies-to-be release enzymes to digest themselves, breaking down all traces of caterpillar-ness. Embryonic cells begin to grow the all-new butterfly parts.

The New York Giants football team is named after the new York Giants baseball team. The baseball team was called the Giants because of NYC’s abundance of tall buildings. The Jets derived their name from their first home field, Shea Stadium, which was close to LaGuardia Airport.

Fact! We needed one more item to fill out this month’s Pulse Rate!

michael isenbek

Michael Isenbek, Associate Editor, dabbles in both fiction and nonfiction writing, coordinates the Pulse event listings and writes the text for "Zoom," among other editorial tasks. He has a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Journalism from SUNY Empire State College.